The factory

The disused factory lies on a river island and ressembles a ship that has run aground.


The factory contains, among other things :
An long, empty hall, lined with broken glass and rusted metal
A labyrinthic-like hall filled with machines(presses, forges, robots…)
A control room wich house the supercomputer, the scanners (a type of tubular elevator) and the virtual map

Jérémie follow his friends' progress on Lyoko through with the help of several devices :
The computer with which he can communicate directly with them, monitor their health (sort of like EKG) and other data.
The holomap, wixh gives Jérémie a wider view of the battleground, allows him to analyze the dangers to come and guide his friends, etc. On the holomap, our heroes and Aelita are represented by twinkling points :
o The map changes to display the appropriate territory
o The activated tower appears brighter than other towers.
o The map keeps track of :
§ The position of monsters : red dots
§ The position of our heros : green dots
§ Aelita's position : yellow dots
Jérémie make use with computer interfaces on his screens.

Cutaway profile of the factory :

Jérémie in the laboratory

Holomap and other interfaces
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